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With a smaller group size of 4 per class, we are also able to incorporate rehabilitation techniques, to locate and fix some of our major problems like tight hamstrings, shoulder mobility, and low back pain.

We will also be incorporating linear and lateral speed techniques for foot speed, agility, and explosive power development.

As we age, we lose power 3x the rate we lose strength. Having power is what allows our body to react quickly, so when we trip, we don't fall.

Above all else, we will be going through proper functional strength training and energy system conditioning to encourage muscle building and overall strength.

  • Not a quick fix, it takes time to correct poor movement patterns that we have developed throughout our life. We are relearning how to properly load weight and absorb impact to minimize injury, reduce joint pain and perform life better! 

  • Functional movement screening to determine improper movement patterns.

  • Instruction in functional movement/pattern training.

  • Injury Reduction & Rehabilitation

  • Foot Speed, Agility, & Explosive Power Development

  • Proper Functional Strength Training & Energy System Conditioning

  • 4-person maximum to provide CONSISTENT and effective customization

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