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The SFC Difference

In a phrase:  "We Care!"

Slade Fit Club is an independent fitness studio. All the trainers are educated, experienced, knowledgeable, passionate about training and they have experience with program design to quickly change an exercise to meet a clients physical limitation and to deliver unique workouts that do not become stale and boring.


Slade Fit Club's Small Group Training classes are limited to 4-6 people and incorporates resistance training with the right mix of cardiovascular training, so the client will see faster results. The trainers will always demonstrate the exercises, emphasizing proper form and alignment and then will provide corrective ques during the workout and they are laser focused on the group and not themselves.  You will never become bored, because the programs change daily and/or weekly.

We are passionately driven to help each individual that comes to us, live their best life. Movement is life and we are living longer. It is our goal to help you live these extra years better & stronger. 

Because we only see clients 2 or 3 hours out of a 168 hour week (which is less than 2% of their week), knowing how to best hold each client accountable, is imperative in helping them achieve their goals. We are masters of accountability!

The term "community" is thrown around a lot in the fitness world, but we truly mean it and strive to create a bond with each client.

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