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Meet Your Coaches

Coach Cara

Cara Slade

Cara is the Owner President and Head Trainer At Slade Fit Club. Coming from a fitness competitive background Cara is an exceptional trainer. Being in the industry for over a decade now, she has mastered the ability in exercise mobility. Being in her 40’s now aesthetics are not as important as being strong and staying healthy for her family. She is passionate about helping others strive to achieve their health goals. Certified Nutritional Coach, she is the all-around package offering motivating training and a balanced nutrition regimen. "I love what I do and helping others become stronger and maintain a healthy life, dives me to do better every day”

Coach Becca

BECCA Bishop

Coach Taylor

Taylor Walter

This power house of a trainer is incredible at motivating you to reach your greatest potential. Taylor graduating with a BS in Exercise Sports Science, & NASM certified, she has years of experience working with all age ranges. She not only encourages you to do your best, but she creates amazing results for her clients. Her knowledge of health and nurtition is a winning combination. With the nickname of Tiny Terror, she is friendly, but a beast of a coach. 

Becca comes from a sports background, having played sports her entire life. She strongly believes that everyone is an athlete! No matter age or looks. Being a Certified Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach, her style of training is designed to minimize the aches and pains that we have long considered a part of aging or being an intense athlete, like low back or knee pain. Whether your sport is competitive or simply running around the house with your kids, she is here to help improve your performance and lower your risk for injury!

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