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How Your Apple Watch Can Help Make This Year Your Best

As we step into the new year, it's the perfect time to reinvigorate your fitness routine and leverage technology to achieve your health goals. We love to use tools that help keep us focused and motivated throughout our fitness journey and the Apple Watch or any fitness watch is such a great tool for this!

Here are the best and easiest ways for you to utilize your fitness watch:

Apple Watch heart rate tracking

1. Comprehensive Activity Tracking:

  • Set personalized daily movement and exercise goals (We like 8k-10k daily steps as well as 30 minutes of daily "activity")

  • Receive reminders to stand and combat sedentary habits (We know this can be annoying but let's be real, we all need the reminder sometimes to get up and walk around)

  • Foster a dynamic and health-conscious lifestyle with continuous tracking. (By tracking metrics daily or weekly, you are more able to continue with doing these things. It will keep you motivated being able to constantly see your achievements and activity)

2. Advanced Workout Tracking:

  • Utilize accurate real-time data for running, cycling, swimming, and HIIT.

  • Leverage built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, and customizable metrics (We love to use the heart rate monitor feature to make sure we are getting what we need to out of a workout but also, not pushing too hard into the over-training threshold)

  • Analyze performance, identify areas for improvement, and set new targets.

4. Mindfulness and Stress Management:

  • Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine with guided breathing exercises. (Most watches know your resting heart rate and can sense when you are in a stressful situation. Breathing and downregulating your system does great things for you on cellular level)

  • Utilize the mindfulness app for moments of meditation and stress relief.

  • Embrace a holistic approach to well-being for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes our brains aren't enough to keep us on track and motivated. It's so nice to have tools like our fitness watches to track this data, hold us accountable and help us towards our fitness goals!

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